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Hawk, Owl Eagle  
feather bustle. *2
Cooper's Hawk tail *4
Hawk, Owl Eagle
feather bustle. *2
The surrounding photos show a variety
of hawk and owl species. Note the
striping on most hawk feathers. Among
the majority of hawk wings the leading
edge has a wider band with a skinny
band on the trailing edge of the
feather. The tip is darker for the first 2
cm on the secodary wing feathers while
the pointers are dark for the entire thin
part of the shaft. Keep in mind this is a
generalization of most
Buteo hawks and
each has their own specific
Another point to note is the underside
rakus has the dark bars across the
rakus, matching the striping of the
Through studying various pictures one
can determine the average number of
stripes per feather and more details of
the striping on different species of
hawks. One should also take note of
the species of hawks that are endemic
to the area of the tribe one is
patterning their outfit after. For
example, one should not have Harris
hawk feathers on a traditional, read
Old Style, Lakota outfit because Harris
hawks are found in the southwest.
Redtail hawk wing *4
Sharp-shinned Hawk
wing, bottom side. *4
Broad-winged Hawk,
wing top *4
Red Tail Hawk
Secondary wings. *4
Norther Goshawk
wing top *4
Owl wing feather *4
Owl Wing *4
Owl Wing
secondaries *4
Red Tail Hawk,
immature tail *4
The selection of photos here are of painted hawk and owl
feathers offered at
Sioux Specialties.
Photo Credits & Online Resources

*4: Photos taken from websites with photos of hawk and owl feathers for study. See below for listing
of websites to continue your research of feathers.

- German site

- German site

- University of Puget Sound: Wing photos.

- Beuchel Museum, St. Francis, SD. Rosebud Reservation.

- Academy of Natural Sciences; Visual Resource of Ornithology.
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All feathers shown and offered here are reproductions of raptor feathers, either painted or natural exotic
feathers that are legal to possess. We do NOT possess or distribute any raptor feathers or body parts.

Sioux Specialties makes no claim that the items created by us are made by an enrolled member of any tribe.
However, all artifacts are created employing traditional construction methods and design styles of Native
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