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Full bustle
Mature Golden
Eagle *2
Mature Golden
EagleTails *2
Mature Golden *1
Notice that on these mature goldens,
they are mostly darker background
with light colored bands. Many
reproductions available have light
backgrounds with dark-lined squiggles.  
Below is a set of feathers I've painted as
mature, golden eagle wings and tails,
avialable through
Sioux Specialties.
Immature Bald
Eagle Wing *2
Immature Bald
Wing *2
Set of Imitation,
Immature Bald Eagle
wing feathers offered
Sioux Specialties
Things to look for on immature Bald Eagle feathers are the darker leading (thinner)
edge with most of the mottling on the trailing (wider) edge. Also, the same
characteristics of a white point on the rakus of the top side and darkly mottled
rakus on the underside (not shown here)  

Bald eagles don't become 'bald' until they're about 5 years old. As fledglings they
are very darkly colored from head to tail with a gradual loss of the black mottling
as they age. Sub-adult bald eagles have most of their black spotting along the rakus
and towards the tip of the feather.
Bald Eagle feather set *3
Golden Eagle feather
Set *3
Immature Bald Eagle
Axillary feather *2
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Photo Credits:
Beuchel Museum, St. Francis, SD. Rosebud Reservation. Online, virtual
Author's collection. Note, photos of real feathers were in the possession of
others. Please see disclaimer below.
Photos of feathers from the resource collection of Bob Laidig.
All feathers shown and offered here are reproductions of raptor feathers, either painted or natural exotic feathers
that are legal to possess. We do NOT possess or distribute any raptor feathers or body parts.

Sioux Specialties makes no claim that the items created by us are made by an enrolled member of any tribe.
However, all artifacts are created employing traditional construction methods and design styles of Native
hawk feathers,
eagle feathers,
owl feathers,
hand painted
eagle feathers
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